Our team’s experience and technical know how enables us to provide a unique service in every aspect relevant for the conduct of business in Argentina and regional markets, bringing high levels of added value to the table to satisfy our clients’ needs. We participate in mergers and acquisitions of a wide range of complexity.

We also advise on day-to-day corporate needs, standing by our clients’ side from the inception of their business, throughout their growth, and when pursuing their exit.

We are proud to advise clients from an ample array of industries, including multinational companies, Small and Medium Enterprises, private equity funds, banks, real estate developers, government and multilateral agencies.

Specialized boutique advising companies on disposals and day-to-day corporate governance issues and contractual relationships. Also assists private equity firms with regulatory compliance matters.

We provide advice in M&A transactions of varying complexity. We also help our clients with their everyday corporate needs, standing beside them during all the stages of their business, from their inception, throughout their growth, and when pursuing their exit.

• Advised the Inter-American Investment Corporation in the financing of up to US$60,000,000 granted to Citrusvil S.A., to improve its debt profile, and working capital (2017).

• Counsel to Plaza Logistica Group as target of a minority equity investment made by Pointstate, LP for an aggregate of US$65.000.000 (2016).

• Advise to an investor in the sale of its co-controlling interest in EDESA and controlling interests in EDES and EDEN, electricity distribution companies in Salta, southern and northern regions of the Buenos Aires Province, respectively (2016).

• Advice to Laureate Education, a major player in the higher education industry, in its initial investment into HSM in a cross border transaction involving 9 different national jurisdictions (2010) with further assistance in its acquisition of co-control in HSM (2013). Finally, in 2015, we advised Laureate Education in the sale of its co-controlling interest to a Mexican private equity fund.

• Advice to a group of investors in the acquisition from EDENOR of a controlling stake in EDEN, the electricity distribution company for the northern section of the Buenos Aires Province (2013).

• Advice to a group of investors in the acquisition from Pampa Energía of a controlling stake in EDESA, the electricity distribution company for Salta Province. This acquisition was instrumented through the purchase of a minority interest in EMDERSA, then the holding company of the target and the subsequent spin off of the Salta electric distribution business (2012).

• Advice to a group of investors in the acquisition of a 100% equity interest in Key Energy Services Argentina S.A. (currently SP Argentina S.A.), an oil and gas drilling services company (2012).

• Assistance to Star Resorts Development in the sale of its stake in Cerro Bayo, one of the leading ski resorts in Patagonia (2009).
We advise our clients in financing operations, which typically include the granting of collateral packages made up from assets of diverse nature, advising both borrowers and lenders.

We negotiate commercial and banking agreements focusing on our clients business adjusting our work to their needs, materializing our capacity to put into place practical legal solutions focusing always in their best interest.

• Advice to MIF (Multilateral Investment Fund), managed by the Inter-American Development Bank, in the granting of loans, grants and equity investments in various projects in Latin America and the Caribbean (2016/2017).

• Advice to Verónica S.A., a leading company in the dairy market in Argentina, in its AR$800 million debt restructuring with a group of twelve banks (2016).

• Advice to the Inter-American Investment Corporation in the financing of up to US$70,000,000 granted to Profertil S.A., for the development and construction of its plant in Puerto General San Martín, Province of Santa Fe (2011), along with an additional loan of up to US$ 40,000,000 for the expansion of the plant (2015).

• Advice to Plaza Logística Tortugas as borrower in two syndicated loans for an aggregate of AR$300,000,000 granted by a group of banks led by Citibank N.A., Argentine Branch (2013 and 2015).

• Advice to energy sector player Petroquímica Comodoro Rivadavia in the issuance of its series III and IV notes under its US$ 150.000.000 bond program (2013 and 2014).

• Advice to Plaza Logística and Plaza Logística Tortugas in a project finance facility for an aggregate amount of US$30.000.000, with Overseas Private Investment Corporation and Inter-American Development Bank as lenders (2012).

• Advice to Plaza Logística in a US$10,000,000 financing made available to it by Overseas Private Investment Corporation, and agency of the United States Federal Government (2010).

• Advice to the Inter-American Investment Corporation in the granting of an A-B loan worth US$ 65,000,000 to Profertil S.A., leading local producer of urea (2009).

• Advice to the Inter-American Investment Corporation in the granting of a loan to BGH, the largest Argentine manufacturer of household appliances (2009).
Our clients’ interests are loyally defended both in complex litigation and arbitration, ensuring that they rely on us not only when structuring their business but also to keep them permanently protected.
Our knowledge and expertise in tax and labor issues, two central aspects of any business, is complemented with first-tier niche specialists when circumstances demand it.